Activities of IFB

Islamic Mission:

29 Islamic Mission Centers have been set up in the remote areas of the country for providing free medical services to the sick. Besides, these Mission Centers are playing an effective role in making unemployed poor people self-reliant by engaging them in different income-generating activities. Address of Islamic Mission Centres.

Provision of Medicare Facilities :

Under this programme, 1,36,57,518 patients have so far been provided with medicare facilities.

Maktab Teachers Training :

This programme has been taken up with a view to imparting training to teachers of Maktabs and primary schools spread over the far-flung areas of the country, enabling them to make a meaningful contribution towards elimination of illiteracy. A total of 2080 Makatab teachers have already been imparted training.

Department of Publication :

The importance of Islamic books and journals for effective propagation and projection of Islamic thoughts and ideologies can hardly be over emphasized in the present-day world. The publication programme of the Islamic Foundation Bangladesh stems from this realisation. About 1000 titles comprising more than 2100 volumes of books on different aspects of Islam have been published till today. Besides, a monthly Bengali magazine,’Agrapathik’, is being published regularly since 1986 and the ;Sabuj Pata’, a juvenile monthly magazine, which has made quite a name of its own, has been coming out regularly for the last 25 years.

Department of Co-ordination :

Internal Co-ordination of different departments of Islamic Foundation in arrangement of national juvenile cultural competitions, observance of days of national and religious importance through Divisional and District offices, organization of District and Upazilla level juvenile cultural competitions, holding discussion meetings, seminar-symposia, debating competition, discussion meetings of youth and women, setting up of book clubs in the educational institutions are important functions of the co-ordination Department.

Department of Deeny Dawat and Culture :

The task of effectively projecting the different aspects of Islami ideals and values before the general public through seminars and symposia and waz mahfils is being centrally performed by the Department of Deeny Dawat and Culture of the Islamic Foundation. Besides, nominating and sending of participants to various international competitions of Hefz and Qirat, arranging monthly meetings of the National Moon-Sighting Committee, running Arabic Language course on a regular basis, arranging Eid congregations during Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha and offering special prayers at the Baitul Mukarram Mosque are the important functions of this Department. A regular fortnight-long Eid-e-Miladunnaby (sm) programme is arranged every year in the month of Rabiul Awwal in a befitting manner.

Imam Training Academy :

The Imam Training Programme conducted by the Imam Training Academy is making a significant contribution to national development endeavours, with particular emphasis on Islamic values and ideals on the one hand and building the much-needed bridge between the needs of development and the beliefs and convictions of the people on the other. The syllabus of the Imam Training programme includes fundamentals of Islam, agriculture, livestock, pisciculture, horticulture, afforestation, environment,AIDS and HIV, cooperatives, health and nutrition, first aid, cottage industires, development planning, mass literacy, Woman and Children’s right, human rights, mother and child care etc. More than 40,000 Imams and 1600 officers and employes of Islamic Foundation Bangladesh and other organizations have so far been trained at this Academy. Besides more than 10,500 trained Imams have been imparted refreshers training. More about Imam Training Academy

Islamic Foundation Library :

Since the establishment of Islamic Foundation Bangladesh endeavours have been made to develop the Islamic Foundation Library into a modern and well-equipped library so that readers may get books on Islam easily. There are nearly 1,00,000 books on different aspects of Islam, namely-Islamic literature, law and jurisprudence, Islamic economics, Islamic history and culture, Holy Quran and Hadith, etc. are available in the library. The Library has become one of the biggest public Libraries in Bangladesh considering the number of its readers, location and existing stock of books.

Average attendance of readers per day : 500 persons

Average attendance of researchers per day : 48 persons.

Modernization Plan :

A Plan has been taken up to establish a three-storied central library building in Dhaka and the divisional library building in divisional cities during 2000-2003. Audio visual equipments will be procured to extend modern facilities in the library.

Printing Press :

Islamic Foundation Bangladesh has a Printing Press of its own, facilitating the task of implementing its publication programme with desirable efficacy. The modernization of the Press with new machinery and equipment has been partially completed. The aim of this Press is to make Islamic books and periodicals of quality available to the public at reasonable and subsidised prices.

Department of Research :

Efforts have been made to delve into the roots of history, tradition, socio-political growth, culture, arts and crafts of Islam as well as unearthing archaeological specimens of Islamic heritage in the sub-continent. More than 26 research papers on various aspects of Islam have been prepared and published. Among research projects, preparation and publication of the authentic biography of the Holy Prophet (sm), history of Khulafa-e-Rashida, Muslim contributions to science and technology, science in Al-Quran, economics in Al-Quran and origin and development of Muslim Bengal are worth mentioning. The ‘Islamic Foundation Patrika’, a quarterly research journal in Bengali, is being brought out regularly from this Department.

Zakat Fund :

Muslim welfare activities are carried out by this Fund. A Board has been set up comprising 13 members nominated from among renowned Islamic personalities to run the Zakat Board. To provide medicare facilities to the poor, the destitute and the sick, especially children, a paediatric hospital is being administrated with the aid of this fund. Income generating activities are facilitated for the poor by distributing three wheelers, vans, sewing machines to enable them to attain self-reliance through self-employment.

Mosque-based Child and Mass literacy Programme :

It is possible to involve Imams and utilize the 2,00,000 plus mosques of the country in imparting literacy to children, adolescents and adults. Undoubtedly it will save a large amount of money to be spent on education. The Mosque-based Child and Mass Literacy Programme was taken up in 1992. There are 8 thousand Centers all over the country. About 7,78,110 persons have so far been imparted lieracy. Under this programme, 384 libraries have also been set up.

Mosque Library :

A countrywide project has been taken up to establish libraries in mosques with a view to making mosques the living centres of cultivation of Islamic knowledge and heritage. A total of 16,132 mosque libraries have so far been set up. The work on establishment of another 5000 libraries has been taken up under the current Five-year Plan.

Beautification and expansion of the southern side of the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque under the grant from the Govt. of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Objectives :

             1.         To make the Baitul Mukarram Mosque worthy in all respects of its status as a National Mosque.

             2.        To enhance the facilities of the worshippers in Baitul Mukarram Mosque : –

                        Construction of a 50 metre high Minar with marble stone in the southern side.

                        Construction of Sahan and basement in the southern side.

                        Construction of gate in the southern side.

                        Construction of Arcade in the southern side.

Estimated cost for the Project is 16 million Saudi Riyal.

Construction of Islamic Foundation Complex :

The Islamic Foundation is a fast expanding organization. For its smooth functioning a multi-storied building has been constructed at Sher-e-Banglanagar, Dhaka. Already the first phase of the project has been completed while the second phase of the project is on-going.

Expansion of Jamiatul Falah Mosque-cum-Islamic Centre :

Objectives :

  1.  to construct the second and third floors of Jamiatul Falah Mosque ;
  2. to complete its remaining work ;
  3. to construct a modern Wudukhana and a shopping complex measuring 2,788 square meters on the east side of the mosque.