About IFB

Islamic Foundation Bangladesh

The Islamic Foundation Bangladesh was established on 28th March 1975 through an Ordinance with a vision to preaching and propagating the values and ideals of Islam, the only complete code of life acceptable to the Almighty Allah, in its right perspective as a religion of humanity, tolerance and universal brotherhood and imbuing the people of Bangladesh with the ideals of Islam. The Head Office of the Foundation is in Dhaka. There are 6 Divisional & 58 District offices all over Bangladesh. Besides, it has 7 Imam Training Academy Centers and 29 Islamic Mission Centers. The Islamic Foundation Bangladesh is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The Director General is the Chief Executive of the Foundation.

Functions & Objectives
As per Act of Islamic Foundation the functions and objectives of the Foundation are :

· To establish, manage and maintain Mosques and Islamic Centers, Academies and Institutes ;

· To render financial assistance to Mosques and Islamic Centers, Academies and Institutes ;

· To undertake research on the contributions of Islam to science, culture, politics and civilization ;

· To propagate and assist in propagating the basic Islamic ideals of universal brotherhood, tolerance and justice ;

· To organise and promote studies and research in Islamic history, philosophy, politics, economics, culture, law and jurisprudence ;

· To publish books, periodicals and pamphlets on Islamic history, philosophy, politics, economics, culture, law and jurisprudence ;

· To organise conferences, lectures, debates and symposia on matters relating to Islamic history, philosophy, culture, law and jurisprudence ;

· To institute prize and medals for outstanding contributions in the field of Islamic studies ;

· To award scholarships in the field of Islamic studies ;

· To manage and develop the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque, and all other mosques which may subsequently come under the management of Islamic Foundation ;

· To undertake other acts or moves ancillary or incidental to any of the aforesaid functions.

For overall guidance and overseeing the activities of the Foundation there is a Board of Governors comprising seventeen members. There are three categories of members of the Board-ex-officio members, nominated members and elected members. Director General, the Chief Executive of the Foundation, is assisted by one Secretary and 21 Directors. District level activities are implemented by the respective Deputy Directors.

There are about 1665 employes serving in Islamic Foundation Bangladesh. of these, 372 are class-I, 25 class-II, 845 class-III and the rest class-1V.

Source of Fund
The fund of the Islamic Foundation Bangladesh comprises :

a. Grants from the Government ;

b. Loans raised in Bangladesh ;

c. Aids and grants received from foreign countries and organizations with prior approval of the Government ;

d. Donations and endowments ;

e. Incomes, Investments, Royalties and Properties, and all other receipts of the Islamic Foundation ;